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We donate 10% of all proceeds to nonprofit organizations in Matthews, NC and nationwide

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Join us in promoting mental health awareness in Matthews, NC

Struggling in silence is no way to live, but starting a conversation about your well-being isn't easy. That's why Happiness Through Grace exists: to raise mental health awareness so that residents of the Matthews, NC area can speak openly about their struggles.

Jen Debe, the founder of our mental health clothing brand, has been promoting awareness of anxiety, depression and suicide for over 25 years. She features local artists who create clothing that encourages people to talk about mental health.

These aren't cheap hoodies and T-shirts that will unravel after one wash cycle. Our mental health apparel is made from durable ringspun fabric, and the hoodies feature reinforced cover stitching at critical seams.

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We raised over $6,000 at our race.

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Happiness Through Grace

Happiness Through Grace was created in 2021 by Jen Debe who has struggled with mental illness for over 20 years. In 2020, Covid-19 caused many people to feel isolated during quarantine and the cases of mental illness, suicide, addiction, and abuse skyrocketed, with rates predicted to rise in the years to come. Jen's heart called her to launch HTG to promote happiness, raise awareness and donate funds to help non-profits with the overwhelming influx of cases.

Our brand provides happy and calming products to bring Happiness for bright, positive days and Grace to the days that need more comfort and self-care. HTG will feature artists periodically throughout the year, who use their creative talents while living with a mental health diagnosis or use art as a way to decompress, build peace and happiness after a stressful day.

HTG provides local and national resources on the website for those wanting more information regarding mental health topics.

10% of profits from annual events and merchandise sales will be donated to help support local and national non-profit organizations who provide mental health and self-care services to those in need.

Make a statement at our annual 5k

If you participate in our 5k, you may notice that other runners are wearing orange, green and blue bibs. Each color promotes mental health awareness by sending the following messages to spectators:

  • Orange: "I'm running to support a loved one who's struggling with their mental health, or to break the stigma of mental illness."
  • Green: "I'm running to show that I'm not ashamed to talk about my struggles."
  • Blue: "I'm running in memory of a loved one."
Support a mental health clothing brand that supports residents of the Matthews, NC area.

Partnerships And Resources

"Proudly Partnering with these Non-Profits to help those in need"

The Mission Statement

Happiness through Grace (HTG) encourages people to talk about their mental health struggles, seek support when trying to help a loved one, or grieve the loss from suicide. HTG believes you can find happiness if you allow room for grace and communicate as you work through what can be years filled with emotion, dark times, and difficult moments for those who struggle with mental health

Our mission is to work towards destigmatizing mental illness and mental health struggles through our vibrant, unique apparel, events and resources. Our goal is to create a movement that opens the doors of communication for those who struggle and for the loved ones who support them. Through healthy communication/therapy, setting up boundaries, taking small steps, and education, individuals can break free from the feelings of shame, isolation, and unworthiness. These steps create a pathway to healing, acceptance, and inner happiness to become the best version of themselves. By providing a comfortable line of goods with uplifting, positive messages, it is our hope that you will feel acknowledged, accepted, and loved knowing you are not alone.